Nexsan RAID Storage
vCenter Plugin


The Getting Started Guide describes how to install the Nexsan RAID vCenter Plugin into your vCenter environment. Before installing the plugin, read the Getting Started Guide to ensure that your environment meets the prerequisites and is configured correctly.

The User Guide provides procedures for monitoring, configuration, provisioning, and maintenance of Nexsan Storage Systems using the Nexsan RAID Storage Plugin for VMware vCenter.

For the VMware Best Practices Guide and additional resources for using Nexsan RAID Storage with vSphere, see:

vCenter compatibility: The Nexsan RAID Storage vCenter Plugin supports vCenter versions 6.5, 6.7, 7.0, and 8.0.

Description Version Date Downloads
Getting Started Guide rev G 03-Aug-2022 NexsanRAID_vCenter_Getting_Started_revG.pdf
User Guide rev C 12-May-2022 NexsanRAID_vCenter_User_Guide_revC.pdf
Release Notes 1.2.16 03-Aug-2022 release-notes-1.2.16.pdf

Installation Tool

The Installation Tool is required for the initial installation of the plugin. See the Getting Started Guide for instructions of the installation process.

Description Version Date Downloads
Installation Tool v1g 03-Aug-2022 nexsanraid-vcinstall-v1g.zip
Standalone Java runtime binaries for Windows (optional) 08-Aug-2019 jre1.8.0_222_x86.zip


Direct downloads of the Nexsan RAID Storage vCenter Plugin binaries are provided for use with a private deployment server.

Description Version Date Downloads
Nexsan RAID Storage vCenter Plugin Deployment Files 1.2.16 03-Aug-2022 nexsanraid-vcenter.xml

Beta / Pre-Release Access

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